12-01-07                      Action Printech has just put in service a Shinohara 74 5-Color 23 X 29 press. The multicolor Shinohara 74 Printing press is fast. Designed for rapid changeover and quick on-the-run adjustability, it yields even greater increases in throughput than its high sheet-per-hour specification indicates. Dramatic improvement in initial setup time can therefore be achieved. Ultimately, the streamlined workflow results in faster turnaround times and higher total output.

Action Printech has been a business solution printer.  Through listening to the ever changing needs of our customers, action Printech has become a “solutions” manufacturer for print media to the Midwest .

“While in the process of reworking one of our most used company forms we ran out of stock. Action helped use get a small quantity reprinted quickly and at a great price. This now gives us the time we need to get the changes made and get it printed without having to worry about running out again. Great job.”                                                           Art Kelly                                                             Vice President, The Designate, ltd.
“We publish hundreds of thousands of books annually and have them printed through Action Printech. We have found a partner in Action. They obsess over quality and they regularly infuse our organization with new ideas and processes to help us win in the marketplace. In the race to beat our competition, Action is a big part of the wind in our sails.”                                         Patrick Olsen                                            President, Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc.